performance writing 6-18-2016 2


kaia found a bunch of shoes and clothes on the street, a lot of pink stuff, some floral wedge heels with a big green button–she can skateboard in them! once skateboarded all day in flagstaff arizona?

kept forgetting to get 3dward donuts though the donut place became the go to spot for food and coffee. finally brought donuts today.

sharing a small space together with a pink light at night.

one time 3dward wanted to stand up when we were hanging out at night, and decided to use their hands to up the bed post from the floor, that was a nice surprise.

kaia and i took the bus to lacuna yesterday. 3dward asked where we sat on the bus and who sat in each specific seat. as we walked over the bridge to lacuana kaia said it was very west coast…walking from the bus not knowing where you are in the afternoon with pleasant weather.

got all confused about how to share/emp/shympathize about orlando and sent some texts and made some posts. probably kinda bad ideas, oh well.

i found a white stick thing with a reflector on it used to help bikers. basically made ed let me take it in the car. it’s still in the car.

confused about affect in a cool way–

also eternal recurrence:

thinking about eternal recurrence in relation to performance, repetition, rhythm, out of sync. ‘what is ‘doing the same thing’’?