june 15, 2016 Desire revile: An interdisciplinary performance workshop (part 1)

LEAD BY lorene bouboushian

As an interdisciplinary, improvisational performer and workshop facilitator, I am captivated by the underlying motives for any action. In workshops and lab-based environments, often it is assumed that we should follow our “interests” or “intentions,” when in fact our in-the-moment actions are a result not of clear-cut decisions but our relationship to the organism of bodies, room and objects around us colliding with what’s inside us. What do we want and why? What if we derailed ourselves, worked with our own insincerity, faked ourselves out, played tricks? Is it possible to create a realm where all is valid and nothing is right? For anyone interested in performing, from any discipline. Bring objects you are interested in.

here is a more general description and some video of past classes. this refers to more sonic based stuff i’ve been doing with matthew gantt, but it’s still nice to watch i think: https://lorenebouboushian.org/teaching/

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PART TWO ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 7PM https://www.facebook.com/events/1037070396380624/

photo credit ying liu


stuff and object and body as it interactz with stuff/object/micz/ampz

value purity

basis of “let’s clear out” or “blank slate” <— is this possible? what is an intention?

feeling uneasy with improvising

one thing, it can be code for something that i don’t think is improvising at all

fractured desire

seeing a lot of flawz

use constructed desires as material

most of it is kind of or really inane

ended with a weird bout of homophobia. but then we all twisted noisy knobz and skateboarded and everything felt okay again.